October Breast Cancer Awareness Month : Prevention… A small step that goes a long way

Because Everyone is concerned, Bedaya decided to drive attention to the importance of the prevention of Breast Cancer. Asma Al Hammadi, TV anchor and ambassador of Qatar Cancer Society was selected by Bedaya to run the discussion with the Brave Cancer survivor Asma Bu Jassoom. The event was held in Market Café in which a special drink was designed for the breast cancer month as all its sales were dedicated to Qatar Cancer Society.

Survivor Asma Bu Jassoom, shared her experience through the journey with the disease and the methods of treatment that were followed to fight this battle.

All attendees were touched by the details given. Indeed, the victorious, opened their eyes on the fact that no one is safe enough to ignore the importance of prevention.

In addition to that, the other important point mentioned by Asma Bu Jassoom, is the financial aspect. She encourages everyone to always have savings for the emergencies like the emergency she had faced with her disease. After she was diagnosed with breast cancer Asma decided not to wait for the next appointment in Doha and traveled right away to Thailand on her own expenses.

Availability of therapy and an excellent medical team helped her fight and overcome breast cancer.

During the event, the attendees were invited to interact with the survivor. It was the opportunity for everyone to have clear answers and clarifications about different aspects of the disease.

This friendly event was a success as everyone went back home looking at life with a different perspective, and all had a gained a deeper meaning of life, especially the blessed with good health conditions!