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Workshop: “How to Build a Workout Program for Ramadan?”

On Wednesday, we invited Mr. Khalid Al-Amari, Fitness Coach and @qtr_fitness Instagram account admin, to speak about all things fitness and on how to build a Ramadan workout program that complements the health benefits of fasting. Kicking off the workshop, Mr. Al-Amarai explained the five key components of physical fitness and the differences between cardio and resistance training – and other important building-blocks of information necessary to understanding fitness in Ramadan.
Mr. Al- Amari also stressed that beginners must increase work-out intensity with time to avoid injury, and that workouts do not necessarily need to take place at the gym. According to Mr. Al Amari, the following work-out equipment are all that is needed to workout at home!

With regards to working out in Ramadan, our coach for the day advised that cardio workouts should take place beforebreaking your fast and that resistance or weight training should ideally take place after Iftar, keeping in mind that one needs to allow some time for digestion – resistance training after Taraweeh prayer is ideal.
Mr. Al-Amari’s final recommendation was about nutrition in Ramadan. He recommended that one-quarter of your plate should be a protein source, another quarter should be grains, fill another quarter with vegetables and another with fruit!
(Remember, easy on the Lgeemat)
With the holy month of Ramadan at our doorstep, we thank Mr. Alamari for giving us all the necessary tools for healthier and more active Ramadan!