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Career Café with Mr. Khalifa Al Obaidly

Once every three months, Bedaya invites outstanding professionals from different industries in Qatar to speak with students, graduates and employed individuals interested in listening to their professional experiences. Attendees are also able to ask questions and have conversations with distinguished guests in a relaxed environment (with some delicious coffee or tea in hand, of course!).

This month, we were honoured to have Mr. Khalifa Al Obaidly, Award-winning Qatari Photographer and Museum Director, to join us in conversation at Café 999. With more than 20 years of photography experience, we could not think of a better personality to talk to us about photography as a career and a passion.

Mr. Al Obaidly discovered his passion for photography whilst studying marine biology at Qatar University. His earliest memories of his photography was when he would take underwater pictures of marine life. Interestingly, his career path remained within the boundaries of his passion for art: overseeing art galleries in different parts of the world and becoming a Museum Director.

Mr. Al Obaidly’s work has always focused on showcasing the beauty and richness of Qatari culture and history, and during our conversation with him, he explained how he builds on his concepts from a technical and emotional light.