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Bedaya holds “Visual Identity and Packaging Design” Event for Startups

There is no doubt that visual identity and product packaging play a significant role in the way businesses communicate their personality and values to the market. More importantly, through innovative design and compelling imagery, businesses are able to stand out against market competitors and, in turn, appeal to more consumers!

At the “Visual Identity and Packaging Design” event held on the 20th of this month, we wanted to bring attention to these critical facets of a brand identity by hosting several informative presentations on design and branding.

Our speakers raised some very interesting points!

Ms. Amal, Co-founder at Rawaj Advertising, stressed that “a strong visual identity increases the market value of a company”. Ms. Layla Al-Dorani, Founder of Raw ME, mentioned the importance of “emotional packaging” (recycled packaging, charity, eco-friendly design, etc.) as a means to connect with customers and give back to the community. Ms. Mouza Al Suwaidi, Founder of TYPO Design Studio, talked about the importance of logo design, packaging and color when constructing a visual brand identity. (Thank you, ladies, for your amazing presentations!)

Also at the event, local branding, design and packaging companies were present to showcase their products and services to startups looking to build and/or develop their brands. We hope this proved to be useful to all our attendees!

The first step to building your brand is to name your business! Here are three simple tips to consider when choosing a trade name for your business:

Must be easy to pronounce.
Must be different to competitor names.
Must be easy to remember.