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Bedaya holds the “How to start your business in Qatar” Forum

For aspiring entrepreneurs in Qatar, the governmental, legal and procedural aspects of starting a business in the country may seem a little complicated (and at times, a little confusing).

Understandably, having to deal with making sure you obtain the right licenses, permits and other governmental requirements whilst making sure that all is in-line with Qatar’s rules and industry-specific regulations, it can get a bit overwhelming.

To simplify the process for local entrepreneurs, the Bedaya team put together the “How to start your business in Qatar” Forum to answer questions and to clear up any confusion surrounding the start-up process.

In partnership with a panel of several governmental body representatives, the forum’s attendees were able to ask questions specific to starting up in various industries (tourism, education, industrial sector, home businesses etc.)

Many our of the attendees had questions about starting a home business, and we hear you!
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