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Programs for Students

At Bedaya Center we provide multiple programs that support entrepreneurs in all stages of their journey. We provide workshops, advising sessions, mentoring programs, networking sessions, promotional support in addition to programs tailored to specific startup needs.

  • Business Enterprise Challenge:

    The Enterprise Challenge Qatar is an annual national competition which increases young people’s knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm about business and enterprise. Through an online business game, students experience a realistic business scenario where they produce, develop and market a new product. The competition encourages students to learn how different components of business come together to determine success, and to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship. Key to the Enterprise Challenge is the support offered by volunteer mentors, whose real-life experience of business enables them to advise and coach students through the various stages of the competition. This program is sponsored by Shell

  • University Workshops:

    Bedaya center has partnered with a number of universities in Qatar and provides specific workshops on entrepreneurship topics to students from these universities. We are proud to have worked with Qatar University, Community College, VCU, Stenden, CNAQ and CMU on successful programs, talks and workshops and continue to develop these partnerships further. Our workshops cover topics such as Ideation, marketing and sales, budgeting, business model canvas, customer validation, project management and pitching your idea.

  • Summer Bootcamps:

    Bedaya Center supports the development of young students and believes that introducing entrepreneurial thinking at an early stage is extremely important. We work with young school students through summer bootcamps and have developed specific programs where we can engage with these students and support them in their learning process. We cover topics such as team building, creative thinking and branding.