The shadowing at Vodafone has changed my life to better. It began in the first day when I arrived there, I went to the meeting room where everyone was sitting there, and they gave me a pretty amazing welcoming. Then I’ve been introduced to the Mentor I was going to shadow. When we sat down, I thought that it was going to be some boring talking about his daily routine, but sooner I’ve been amused by the employee’s job, and the things he told me about. The shadowing definitely helped me to draw my future planning in the university and the job I’m going to apply to.

Hamad Abdulrahman Al-Moftah

I started my career journey with Bedaya Center when I was at High School during which I have identified my strengths, interests through Tamheed assessment. I’m now an Electrical Engineering student as a result of my discussions and sessions with Bedaya’s advisor. In 2012 I had the opportunity to shadow Mr. Nabil Abu-Issaa (well-known business man) which was through Bedaya job shadowing program. Furthermore, I’m passionate about Photographing, I had an opportunity to work as a freelancer with Qatari startup though Bedaya’s networking sessions. I see Bedaya Center as a keystone of my current success; I’m still in contact with them as they always offer support.

Adel Lamy

Amazing workshop, enjoyed the attendees, enthusiastic atmosphere and a great deal of challengers


I have started this business in November 2014. I have attended many workshops and seminars organized by Bedaya center which were tremendous help for me and my business especially in those first days.

Hamad Al-Bader

Everyone thinking of starting a business needs a place to go to and people who can support him on overcoming any challenges along the way. We are very lucky to have an organization such as Bedaya Center here in Qatar that offers such help. I would like to thank everyone who contributed in establishing such an initiative that serves and supports entrepreneurs in the country.


Thanks both for the inspirations and ideas, it’s really helps to think outside the box!