Reema Al-Khater

Reema Fahad Al-Khater she is Senior Marketing Officer  joined ‘Bedaya Center’ as the Marketing Manager in June 2016. This has not been her first interaction with ‘Bedaya’ as she has participated-over the course of 7 months in her last year at university- in organizing many of the Center’s workshops and events. These activities aimed at spreading awareness and knowledge about managing SME’s and institutional management in general. Though Reema was yet to graduate during those months, her determination enabled her to hold the role of the Marketing & Events Officer. She is passionate about supporting youth and social initiatives which aim at building the individual’s capabilities to manage their lives and projects effectively and successfully.  Reema graduated from the “International Tourism and Events Management”  program at Stenden University.

Ahmad Al-Saygh

Ahmad Al-Saygh

Ahmad works as  Senior Entrepreneurship Advisor at Bedaya Center and helping entrepreneurs through one-on-one advising sessions as well as planning for networking events. Ahmad’s goals are to bring SMEs to global stage through conferences and world competitions. He is also focusing on achieving Qatar National Vision of 2030 by helping entrepreneurs focusing on sustainable economy and business practices. Ahmad graduated from Iowa State University with master’s in Urban Planning with focus on sustainability and coastal development as well as a degree in Geographic information Systems.

Malak AL-Omari

Malak Al Omari –  Public Relation Officer

Malak started working at Bedaya Center as an intern where she was responsible for all services related directly to customers and clients. She supported this through managing the registration for events, supporting startups during Bazaars and general coordination of meetings and advising sessions for students and entrepreneurs. Malak currently manages all communication for the organization and is the point of contact with all PR and Marketing agencies to support the public relation activities for the center. Malak has a BSc in International Business Management from Stenden University and various specialized certificates in communication and customer service. Her excellent people skills, hard work and dedication makes her a vital part of the Bedaya Team.

Mohamed Moawad

Mohamed Moawad is Finance Controller  since 2002, he has in the accounting field over 14 years. he began his career at KPMG in 2002 in the audit practice, Mohamed Moawad moved to KPMG Kuwait office in 2004, he had the chance to work in the audit field for both private and public traded companies in several different industries then Mohamed Moawad has involved in a variety of accounting solutions including Bookkeeping, Financial statements ,Budgets, Cash management aspects and many other accounting functions through his work in Kuwait and Qatar financial markets and his in-depth study of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), he joined our Bedaya team in August 2016

Laila Malik

Human resources and Admin Officer

Ibrahim Mukhtar

Ibrahim Mukhtar is the procurement officer at Bedaya Center. Ibrahim has a diploma in information systems from Future Academy in Egypt and has over 5 years experience in the fields of procurement and logistics. Ibrahim has excellent communication skills and is well informed of current regulations and processes in the country which supports his role at the center. In addition to this, Ibrahim supports the center through many other administrative tasks

Mahmood Al Mahmood

Mahmood Al Mahmood is Senior Entrepreneurship Advisor at Bedaya Center. He has over 4 year’s experience in management and marketing working as an area manager for Al Siddiqi Holding, one of the largest retail groups in the region. During this time he helped the business grow (he was managing Dary, Al Motahajiba, and Al Shal brands in Qatar and was responsible for setting the yearly calendar, budgeting, marketing plan, and strategies along with operations, buying, and day to day activities)
Mahmood is passionate about leadership and entrepreneurship. He was the president of student club in college of business and economics and is involved in numerous voluntary work focusing on developing the business skills of young people in the country.
Mahmood has a BSc in Management and Marketing from Qatar University and is currently enrolled in their MBA Entrepreneurship program. He has started two businesses and works as a mentor and advisor to many young startups.

Hanane Hanzi

Hanane is the Senior Business development Officer advisor at Bedaya Center. She has a degree in International business from University of Lille in France and over 5 years’ experience in different environments including international insurance, events management, transport & logistics, and textile industries.

Hanane’s versatility has gained her planning and communications skills in France, Spain, UK, Lebanon and in Qatar. Hanane is fluent in four languages and had worked within culturally diverse groups worldwide.  Her sharp perception of client tastes means that she’s a perfect mediator between client and company and has many successful projects to her name.

Hanane is currently spearheading Bedaya events and communication.  A dynamic and worldly individual, Hanane’s truly international profile makes her ideally suited for the Bedaya Team .

Ruqaya Al-Sada

Ruqaya is an Content Creator at Bedaya Center where she helps young adults who want to establish their own business using her expertise in Marketing to help them to  achieve their dreams. Ruqaya is a book nerd, achiever and a fast learner. Ruqaya has a bachelor degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Qatar University.

Obada AlZibdeh

Obada is the Graphics Designer at Bedaya Center. Obada has a BSc in graphic design from the University of Applied Sciences in Jordan and is an Adobe certified designer. He has over 2 years’ experience in many areas covering the fields of graphic design, digital design, animation in addition to photography. Obada has worked on a number of key graphic design projects in different countries within the region including UAE, Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. He’s a creative thinker and this is reflected in his unique designs and graphics making him an invaluable addition to the Bedaya Team.