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Key programs & services

Career Development Key Programs 2017

  1. School visitsBased on the career development journey we start with the students by the first step which is know yourself by applying Tamheed psychometric tool and through the advising session to help them identify their skills, weakness, strength , personality traits .The second step is to deliver CV and Interview skills workshops ( main workshops ) as it’s a need while they applying for the universities , as well as many other workshops based on the school needs The third step is to give them the chance to explore the job and the career environment through the job shadowing
  2. Career development chain – monthly workshops
    Monthly workshops target the job seekers and job changers to provide them with the right employability skills such as leadership skills, communication skills, public speaking skills, team work skills. Our message behind these workshops is to spreading awareness about the importance of professional soft skills and continuous self-development.
  3. Advising Clinic
    Is periodic program where we offer career advising hours to youth. The Idea behind this program is to track on all the people who did Tamheed, to assure they have their advising sessions
  4. Career planning Campaign – Be a leader
    In partnership with the SEC we invite from 4 – 5 students whom already part of the student’s council, to attend a one-day conference, and provide them with the right leadership skills, the campaign is for 2 days (one day for girls’ schools and the other day for boys’ schools)
  5. Career Development Awareness Week
    The program aims to raise the awareness about career development and career choices in the country; as well as to reflect on the labor market needs. We target all stakeholders (parents – students – institutions – counselors – decision makers)
  6. Internship Program
    We target the fresh graduates from different fields and provide them with the needed skills to get into the labor market and this program will be through different stages: career coaching, soft skills, technical workshops, internship and mentoring
  7. Career Café
    The “career café” series aims to provide youth with the opportunity to meet, network and exchange their career knowledge with their peers, mentors and advisors from different industries. Attendees can also learn from the various speakers sharing their experiences with the audience.
  8. Career Camps
    The career camps will target students in different high schools in Qatar, to provide different workshops and activities relate to the careers, which will help them identify their potentials and make the right career choice.